Year 6 hone their communication skills

Year 6 are working on the sense of sight during their weekly Outdoor Learning Sessions.

During one session the pupils were reduced to only two senses: touch and hearing. Children worked in pairs and took it in turns to wear a blindfold. The blindfolded pupil is then guided through a natural obstacle course by their partner’s instructions e.g. ‘there is a log coming up that you’ll need to step over’, or ‘take a small step to the right’.

Once the task was completed we took time to discuss and learn from what worked best. Shouting? Clapping hands? Precise instructions? And how small exactly is “one small step”? How far can you trust your guide to stay focused and to keep you safe?

Tom quite rightly concluded: “it was actually quite hard”!  It certainly is – the pupils are learning all-important communication skills, whilst also having great fun.