Viking visit inspires our Year 3 & 4 pupils!

Year 3 & 4 are busy studying Vikings as part of their Creative Curriculum. To compliment all of the work they have being doing in class, the children enjoyed an entire day of Viking activities today! The children had an amazing day filled with facts about how Norsemen raided, traded, and entertained themselves.  It was delivered in a fun practical […]

Starring roles in history film!

Today was an exciting day for our Year 6 pupils – as they began their dramatic journey to starring in a film! The short film, which is intended to be shown at the Ashby Arts Festival, is based around the mystery of Roesia de Verdun.  It is being produced by local film company, Pudding Bag Productions, who […]

It’s official – the Grace Dieu Nursery is Outstanding!

Grace Dieu Manor School and Nursery are celebrating after receiving an ‘Outstanding’ inspection! The quality and standards of Grace Dieu’s Early Years provision in the Nursery was rated as “Outstanding” in every category in the Inspection, undertaken by the Independent Schools Inspectorate. “To be awarded ‘Outstanding’ across all areas of our Early Years provision, given […]

Think tank
Learning brought to life…

Each and every week, learning is brought to life at Grace Dieu. Last week is a good example – here’s just a very small sample of how learning was brought to life for our pupils: Pupils enjoyed interesting hands-on Science lessons on a range of topics – including Light – in our Science Lab. Swans […]

Margaret Kewell picture
First Headmistress’ first term at Grace Dieu!

The start of the Spring Term was the start of Mrs Margaret Kewell’s first term as Headmistress at Grace Dieu Manor School. Appointed as Acting Headmistress in the Autumn Term, Mrs Kewell officially took up the role of Headmistress this week. Having previously held the position of Deputy Head for three years, Mrs Kewell’s appointment […]

First Mass of term at Grace Dieu Manor School
Whole School Mass

The School Community came together today to celebrate our first whole-School Mass of this term. The message of the Mass was that Jesus’ door is open to us all; all we have to do is enter. Father Denis also blessed the prayers that were written by the children during Wednesday’s Chaplaincy Group Liturgy, the subject […]

Grace Dieu Prep School Music Concert 2
End of term concert

The chilly weather did not stop Grace Dieu putting on a fantastic concert on the last day of term showcasing the musical talents of our pupils in Years 3 – 6 along with a group from Year 2.  It may have been cold outside but the Christmas spirit, reflected in the wonderful singing, instrumental work and recitation, […]


Pupils and parents enjoyed wonderful Christingle services to mark the run up to Christmas. The Grace Dieu chapel is at the centre of our community and feels particularly special when lit by candles at this time of the year. The Cygnets were captivated by their first Christingle as they listened to Year 2 tell the […]

Promenade Nativity

Our Promenade Nativity saw Year 2 move around Grace Dieu to re-enact the Nativity – from the Outdoor Learning classroom through to the Chapel. It was a wonderfully unique Nativity, which was thoroughly enjoyed by pupils, parents and staff.