A Beautiful Christingle Service!

Our Year 3 & 4 pupils celebrated a wonderful Christingle service in our beautiful chapel to mark the run up to Christmas.  The Grace Dieu chapel feels particularly special when lit by candles at this time of year and for many pupils and parents this is a highlight of the School calendar.

All of our children joined in together to sing ‘A Christingle Song’ as well as the very catchy ‘Show me the way to Shine for Jesus’.  There were some beautifully moving solo musical performances on piano, violin and singing in German no less, before we all joined together for a final prayer and blessing.

“It is always enthralling for the children to listen to and reflect on how the story of Christingle began and how the Christingle orange reminds us of the wonderful world God created,” says Headmistress Margaret Kewell.  “Our parents and children love this special service which gives us all a chance to take a quiet moment of reflection before the Christmas festivities well and truly begin.”