After Grace Dieu

An important part of our role is to ‘prepare’ pupils for senior school. We do not just prepare pupils to pass the entrance test to one school; we give them an outstanding grounding across all areas of the curriculum.

The ‘preparation’ we offer at Grace Dieu far exceeds just academic readiness. We prepare them to be ready for the change in pace, as well as the self-motivation and organisational skills they will need to successfully transition. Most importantly, we encourage them to know themselves and to be happy, so they can join senior school as confident and self-assured individuals.

Typical Destination Schools
We have a long history of preparing children for a range of senior schools in the area –this year most pupils moved on to either Ratcliffe College or the Endowed Schools. In previous years pupils have also moved on to Dixie Grammar School, Nottingham High School, Our Lady’s Convent School and Trent College.

Our 2017 leavers:

Every single one of our Year 6 pupils who took entrance exams were offered a place to their first choice secondary school!

Two pupils, Daniel and Jemima, were also offered scholarships, both to the Endowed Schools.

Our 2016 leavers:
Four pupils won scholarships – Lottie won an All Round Exhibition to Denstone College, Henry won a Drama Scholarship to Foremarke, Matthew won an Academic Scholarship to King Edward’s Birmingham, whilst Precious-Pearl was awarded two scholarships – to Loughborough High School and Ratcliffe College. In this year, as well as previous years, a great number of students were awarded 13+ scholarships to a range of schools including Dixie Grammar School, Repton, Trent and Uppingham.