Our Ethos

Grace Dieu aims, as a co-educational day school for children aged 12 weeks to 11 years, to develop the whole person by focusing on the five areas identified by our founder, Antonio Rosmini:

  • Intellectual Development: to encourage minds and academic excellence
  • Physical Development: to promote a healthy lifestyle
  • Moral Development: to ensure that pupils mature into responsible caring adults
  • Spiritual Development: to assist the formation of personal beliefs
  • Aesthetic Development: to promote an appreciation of the arts.

Learning and Growing in the light of the Gospel.

Our Mission


These aims provide Grace Dieu with a distinctive identity – all that we offer both inside and outside of the classroom is rooted in our goal to develop the whole person. We strongly believe that the space that we enjoy – both physically and as a stand-alone, independent Prep School – allows us to truly fulfil these aims.

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