Our Faith

We are a Catholic school. We are proud of this and as a Catholic school, universal and inclusive, we welcome all into our school. Our community is made all the richer by those who have a faith and follow it, be that Christian, Muslim, Hindu or Sikh, to those who are searching, and for those who profess no faith.

Whatever our belief system, Grace Dieu has at its core the love of God and the love of one another as people. We recognise that all in our community have intrinsic worth and value and we treat each other with this central principle in mind.

Our core values of love, service, generosity, compassion, humility, kindness and forgiveness determine and guide the School’s daily rhythm, its practice, its ethos and its vision for the education that takes place at Grace Dieu.

We are a happy school not because of what we believe, but by the living out of these beliefs every single day.

‘Learning and growing in the light of the Gospel’