Fees Support

We understand the demands that childcare and school fees place on parents, which is why we offer fees that are as inclusive as possible. We also have a range of support in place to help families to pay the fees including:


A Grace Dieu Manor School Education – a possibility for all

The Trustees and Governors of Grace Dieu Manor School are committed to broadening access to Grace Dieu by offering to eligible parents/guardians means-tested financial support towards the payment of school fees.

The principles underlying operation of this bursary scheme are that parental income and assets must fall within a certain range to ensure eligibility and the amount of financial assistance provided each year by the Governors will be determined by the level of the parents’ income and assets in the preceding year.

Bursary funds are limited and it is not always possible to provide assistance to all those who may be eligible.  The contributions made by Governors to the school fees of those pupils awarded a bursary will be reviewed annually and will always be at the discretion of the Governors.

If you are interested in a bursary please contact Mrs Ruth Iley, Headmistress’ PA in the first instance.

Change in Circumstances

Financial assistance may also be considered for existing pupils where a change in circumstance of the parent has resulted in difficulty in meeting tuition fees and may result in a pupil being withdrawn part way through the relevant stage of education.


Grace Dieu Manor School respects the confidentiality of all bursarial awards made to families.  Recipients of these awards are expected to do likewise.

Childcare Vouchers and Tax Free Childcare:

Many parents find that they can save £1,000s a year in tax by using Childcare Vouchers. They’re a special Government scheme operated through employers that allow you to pay for childcare from PRE-TAX salary.

We accept many types of Childcare Vouchers from a wide range of companies including: Busy Bees, Computershare, Eden Red, Kiddi Vouchers, and Sodexo.  We also accept payments from Tax Free Childcare accounts.

Government funding:

We accept the government FEEE funding, which is available for children aged 3+

HM Forces:

Serving members receive a discount of 10% off the fees

Sibling discount:

A discount of 10% is offered for the fees of the second child at the School and 20% for the fees of the third and subsequent children.