Pupils and parents enjoyed wonderful Christingle services to mark the run up to Christmas. The Grace Dieu chapel is at the centre of our community and feels particularly special when lit by candles at this time of the year.

The Cygnets were captivated by their first Christingle as they listened to Year 2 tell the story of how it all began. They certainly enjoyed the moment when the chapel lights were lowered and the Christingles lit. Parents also enjoyed a small group of Year 2 girls leading Away in a Manger – there were a few tissues needed!

Every Year 3 and 4 child also played a role in their service. The readers spoke beautifully and our choir solos gave us goose bumps.  Their parents were delighted to receive a beautiful Christingle.

You can watch the children singing here:

Nothing can sum up the event more aptly than Father Denis’ final blessing during the service: “As we look towards Christmas and the New Year, with all its joys, and with all its uncertainties and worries, Jesus offers us his light, the light that will go with us wherever we go, however dark the path may seem, because God loves us so much.”