House Selection: Harry Potter Style!

Each year, pupils at Grace Dieu are ‘sorted’ into their Houses – in true Harry Potter style!

Our Year 2 pupils took part in an elaborate and truly memorable Sorting Ceremony – where they join one of our four Grace Dieu Houses – Bishops, Gentili, De Lisle, or Verdun. Our Houses are a great source of pride and camaraderie – with pupils competing against each other in competitions in a bid to win the House Cup at the end of each year.

“Harry Potter day really is a highlight of our School calendar for pupils,” says Headmistress Margaret Kewell. “They get incredibly excited beforehand and we try to make it as magical as possible for them.”

This year the pupils enjoyed a Penta Wizarding House Tournament, which included an energetic inter house Quidditch match and Muggle Games. There was a magical themed menu on offer and pupils were joined by a larger than life special guest in the shape of Rubeus Hagrid! In fact, there were lots of surprise character appearances throughout the day – which certainly kept the children entertained as they saw teachers and staff take on completely different roles! Not many Schools can say that the Headmistress becomes Professor McGonagall, the teachers turn into wand-waving  witches, with one even arriving as Mad-Eye Moody and the Headmistress’s PA becomes Dolores Umbridge!

“When the Year 2 were sorted into their houses in the Sorting Ceremony they received huge claps and cheers from the Year 3 to 6 pupils,” continues Mrs Kewell. “It’s a lovely moment of camaraderie and community – two things that really make Grace Dieu distinct.”

It really was a magical day with plenty of singing, drama, witchcraft and wizardry!