The School Council

The School Council is made up of members of the school from Years 3-6. They get together each half term to present and discuss ideas about how they can improve school life.  In addition they play a leading role in raising money for their chosen charities.

Each year the children are given the chance to become a member of the School Council, putting themselves forward as a candidate, canvassing votes and then preparing and delivering a speech for their year group who vote by secret ballot, in the process learning about democracy, the election process and what it means to be British.

The children themselves appreciate that this gives them a voice within the School whereby they can raise issues that are important to them and put forward ideas for making the school better for all concerned.

The School Council also plays a leading role in raising money for their chosen charities.  In recent years they have helped to raise money for Wenlo RDA, LEPRA  and CAFOD through organising car washes and Home Clothes Days.