Year 3 & Year 4

Years 3 and 4 have their own distinct area in the Main School.  With bright and airy classrooms situated next to each other, these two year groups often work closely together in the topics they are studying.

Mrs Faye Burley is the Years 3 and 4 Lead Teacher.  She teaches Year 4, along with Mrs Louise McCue. Year 3 is taught by Mrs Erika Scattergood.

A creative curriculum

Alongside the rigorous development of key skills in Mathematics and English, the children’s work is based on a creative curriculum.  Each term one topic is studied which encompasses History, Geography, Art, Design and Technology and Computing.  For example – whilst studying the topic of Ancient Egyptians we will be creating a death mask with mod roc, complete a mummification project, study Egyptian life – jobs and social status, look at timelines, geographical positioning, their gods, language and artefacts.

The creative aspects of English allow us to produce work linked in to our topic whilst still ensuring that all the requirements of the National Curriculum are covered.

To see an outline of the breadth and depth of work covered please click on the links below for Year 3 and Year 4:

Developing specialist subjects

  • The Science Laboratory and extensive grounds allow us to complete our Science topics in a practical setting, giving the children opportunities to question and explore the world around them.
  • The children also enjoy creating their Art and Design and Technology projects in the specialist Art room.
  • Children continue to study French – with two lessons per week with our specialist French Teacher, Mrs Ling.

Learning comes to life!

  • Each term the children take part in an activity day, based on the topic being studied, which includes visiting experts who come in to run practical sessions for the children.  For example, last year, whilst studying the Romans, a troupe of Roman soldiers visited Grace Dieu! Pupils learnt, first hand, how they fought (they dressed up and learnt how to march and form defences!) and the way they lived their everyday lives.
  • Throughout the year the children take part in various trips, mostly related to the topics being studied. They also have the opportunity in the Summer term to take part in a three day residential trip with the Year 3 children. This is an excellent opportunity for building friendship groups and experiencing new activities.
  • The classrooms are full of displays of both the children’s work and information about the topics being studied. There are also topic-related interactive cards on the boards for the children to complete – encouraging independent extension work to further advance their learning.

Where possible, we run intervention sessions every morning. This time in invaluable for enabling every child to have small group sessions to challenge and support them. This year we have interventions for Social Communication Skills, Handwriting, Spelling, Advanced Comprehension and Inference skills and groups to support those skills, Able, Gifted and Talented and Maths groups that respond to our learning from that week.