Music is taught to all pupils in the School as a specialist subject and the approach is very much hands-on and fun, with all pupils taking part in performances and learning new skills!

At Grace Dieu, embracing our aim of  developing the whole person,the  Kodály approach is used in the music department to work on developing the musician as a whole. Every new concept is experienced first, embedded through activities and developed into conscious learning: from a sound experience to sight so that children comfortably work towards reading notation. The human voice forms much of this training as it is a tool that they all possess and all can develop. Every child gets the chance to try out musical instruments as part of their music classes with many taking the opportunity to develop this further through individual and paired instrumental lessons.

As well as taking part in a weekly music lesson as part of their curriculum, all pupils have the chance to learn a range of musical instruments from one of our experienced peripatetic staff.

Pupils can learn to play, as well as take examinations in a large range of instruments – from the piano to drums, and from flute to violin. There are a range of clubs and choirs to join too!