Nursery FAQs

Do you have any spaces available?

Yes, we currently have limited availability – please contact us for further information.

Do you have a minimum number of sessions?

We recommend that children join us for a minimum of two sessions. This is because seven days is a long time in a child’s life and we’ve found that babies and toddlers settle more quickly if they join us for two sessions in the week.

Of course, we do understand if parents want to build up to a larger number of sessions and we will always be considerate of this.

How do I claim my 15 hours free?

Please see this Which? article, which explains things very well…

How do I work out the cost of fees, minus my 15 free hours?

We will happily work this out for you. If you let us know the hours you would like your child to join Grace Dieu, we will work out the cost once the free hours have been deducted. To help, we’ve given you some popular examples of costs, minus the 15 hours entitlement, on our Nursery Fees Page.

When do you close?

The Nursery is open all year round apart from one week over Christmas. We are also closed Bank Holidays.

Does my child have to attend all year?

Grace Dieu Manor Nursery is open 51 weeks of the year and the majority of our children attend all year round.

There are a very limited number of term time only places, although, at present none are currently available. These places are allocated via a waiting list by the discretion of the Nursery Manager and Headmistress, taking into account siblings and/or whether the child will be attending Grace Dieu Manor School.

What is your notice period?

Parents who need to move their child from Grace Dieu Nursery must give a 6 weeks notice.

The small number of families who have term time only places must, however, give a full term’s notice.

How can I pay the nursery fees?

Fees are payable monthly or termly by cheque, direct debit or BACS.

Does my child have to attend Grace Dieu Manor School to get a nursery place?

No! Our Nursery is open to everyone. Whilst we would love families to fall in love with Grace Dieu and choose for their child to join our Reception class (Swans), this is certainly not a requirement for joining our Nursery.