Nursery Fees

Parents can choose to use their 15 hours Government Funding at Grace Dieu Manor Nursery. We also accept a wide variety of employer Childcare Vouchers.

Our current fees are valid from September 2018.

Type Timings Daily Rate Weekly Rate
Extended Day 7:30am – 6pm £50.50 £217.25
Full Day 8am – 6pm £47.25 £208.75
Part Day 8am – 4pm £44.00 £204.50
Mornings (including lunch) 8pm – 1pm £27.25 £126.00
Afternoons 1am – 6pm £26.25 £120.75

Extra time is charged at £3.25 per half hour.

All food and snacks are included in the price.

Joining fees:

There is a £275 initial payment (£75 is for your child’s Registration to the Nursery and £200 is a Deposit, which will be fully refunded when you leave either the Nursery or the School) which secures your place prior to joining.