Pre-Prep: Space to grow

Space to grow intellectually:

Grace Dieu Pre-Prep is absolutely focused on getting the right academic foundations in place. To build upon each child’s innate curiosity and to instil a love of learning. Their horizons grow well beyond the ‘standard’ curriculum – with specialist teaching in French, Music, PE and Swimming.

Learning really does come to life at Grace Dieu – in the classroom this is through an exciting topic-based curriculum and child-initiated planning. Learning also comes alive outside – in our 120 acres of parkland – which is used for lessons as well as during weekly Outdoor Learning sessions, run by a Forest School specialist.

Space to grow physically:

Our exceptional sports facilities and the variety of pitches and courts we have onsite, means that PE is not only key part of our pupils’ curriculum, but it is also easily integrated into daily life. There are no disruptive bus journeys eating into the school day – which means more time in the sports hall, on the pitch or in the pool!

All of our Pre-Prep pupils enjoy an hour of both PE and Swimming each week, taught by qualified teachers, and all included within the School fees.

Space to grow morally:

The children’s moral education is an integral part of their time at Grace Dieu – it has never been an ‘add-on’, nor is it new thing. We’ve been encouraging the education of ‘character’ for over 80 years – it certainly isn’t a buzz word here! It is an important thread that is carefully woven into all that we do.

Pupils are taught to love, care and respect one another, and to be aware of their own wellbeing and safety and that of others.  They are taught from an early age the difference between right and wrong, and that good manners and politeness are vitally important.

Space to grow spiritually:

All that we offer, both inside and outside of the classroom, is rooted in our goal to develop the whole person. Our educational approach goes far beyond pupils just acquiring a particular set of skills or collecting an array of academic achievements. This is what makes us distinctive and, as a Catholic School that welcomes all faiths, permeates through our whole school community.

All pupils are encouraged to know and understand the Catholic faith, as well as having the opportunity to personally develop, or to further develop, their faith and spirituality.

Space to grow aesthetically:

All of our Pre-Prep pupils take part in specialist music classes, taught by qualified teachers – building their interest and skills from a very early age. Art is also a key part of the curriculum – you only have to come and visit to see the quality and range of their work adorning the walls! And, of course, Drama too – with the chance to be in plays across the year groups – from acting out Jack and the Beanstalk in class, to being a part of the Nativity play.

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