The Romans have taken Grace Dieu by storm!

The Romans have arrived at Grace Dieu Manor School in Thringstone.

Pupils from Grace Dieu Manor School saw history ‘come to life’ during their Roman Day.

All of the pupils, in Years 3 and 4, had a fantastic time learning all about the Romans – from the way they fought, to the way they lived their everyday lives.

During the day, the children had a chance to meet a ‘real’ Roman called Gregorius Manlius, who hosted a Legionary session.  The children thoroughly enjoyed having the opportunity to dress up and learn how to march and form defences.  Another highlight was taking part in a Gladiator activity which saw the pupils learn how to use wooden spears and nets to trap their opponents!

The pupils also had an insight into how Roman children would have spent their time, as they learnt about the toys and games prevalent in the Roman era.  They had the chance to experience some for themselves when they played Ludus Latrunculorum (a Roman Board Game).

Learning regularly ‘comes to life’ at Grace Dieu, only last term the School hosted an ‘India day’, and before that the Vikings visited!