Wonderful Christingle Services!

Pupils and parents enjoyed wonderful Christingle services to mark the run up to Christmas. There were two different Christingle services, each special in their own way – one for our Pre-Prep pupils and another for our Years 3 & 4 pupils.

The Grace Dieu chapel is at the centre of our community and feels particularly special when lit by candles at this time of the year. For many parents, this is the highlight of the School calendar – and the pupils all love these incredibly special services too.

“It’s always particularly poignant to see our Nursery Cygnets captivated by their first Christingle,” says Headmistress Margaret Kewell. “Children love learning from other children, and they were particularly enthralled to hear the story of how Christingle all began. Our community is strong and much-loved – which is always beautifully seen during Christingle.”

All of the pupils enjoyed the moment when the chapel lights were lowered and the Christingles lit. Parents also enjoyed the moment when pupils sang ‘Oh Sweet Jesus Shine in Me’ which was set to the very catchy tune of ‘Is This the Way to Amarillo’!